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Sisters, Paulina Flores Rutenberg and Daniela Flores McEntyre are co founders and owners of PFR Design. Based in Montreal PFR Design has been providing upscale goods and Interior Design services since 1999. Specializing in residential design, Paulina’s trademark style incorporates the elegance of old-world Europe with the streamlined glamour and careful editing of modern day design. At PFR Design you can find European Inspired exclusive collections and luxury lines from around the world. Our distinguished collections go beyond home accessories and furniture lines and range from luxury children's clothing to educational toys, to tabletop and antique silver. Our lines, above all, represent our vision of elegance, sophistication and originality. Daniela believes strongly in allowing a child's creativity, learning and social development to flourish with age appropriate materials and toys. She focuses on bringing in children's lines that speak to the novel and the unique, while remaining mindful, always, to respect traditional and environmentally conscious methods of production: Products that are inspired and are meant to inspire.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

PFR Act of Kindness...

I'm not really sure what to call it, right place at the right time, luck, good timing...but whatever it was it was great!

As you all know I am a table setting addict. Anything and everything from placemats, napkin holders, stemware etc. I had recently given up decorating with flowers, even though it killed me, to test myself and see if I could come up with more creative ways of setting a table with longer lasting accessories that you didn't have to pay a fortune for, only to see them die in the next two days!

Today, that idea of no longer buying flowers might have changed!

I am having 7 friends over for dinner tonight for our monthly cooking group and I needed some missing ingredients at the local food/flower market.

As I pulled up in my car I noticed the nice owner emptying her store of old flowers. Now what you must know is that one's man old is another man's treasure! These flowers were almost perfect, huge 10$ packages of the finest and best. The occasional stem may have been wilted, or there may have been a broken stem somewhere amongst the 6-10 flower bouquets she was throwing out!

I spoke to the owner and asked why she was throwing away the flowers. She continued to tell me that her clients don't buy anything that is less than perfect! I understood her choice however I couldn't get passed the waste.

I told her that I would like to start making flower arrangements for those who could really use it. Children's hospitals, old people's homes, etc.

She agreed to let me take the flowers and she gave me her contact information so that I could collect the old flowers on a weekly basis.

If for nothing else it may brighten up someone else's day!

I ended up with an entire place setting plus a bouquet I put together for the Children's Hospital.

The arrangement is not perfect, but I figured it would certainly make some children's day at the Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. I will use the arrangement tonight and tomorrow my two daughters and I will be heading down to Sick Kids to deliver the flowers!

All of this to say that it reminded me how much I love to use flowers to decorate. I won't always be so lucky as to end up with this kind of arrangement, but seeing my table with the perfect hint of soft color I needed makes table decorating all the more fun!!

Love Daniela!

Here are some pictures of how the table ended up...

PFR Design Antique Butterfly Napkin Holder

PFR Design linen Napkin in stone gray.

PFR Design Coral Dishware

PFR Design Stemware

PFR Design Place mats in white and gray

To shop this table please visit www.pfrdesign.com or email

Have a great day.


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