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Sisters, Paulina Flores Rutenberg and Daniela Flores McEntyre are co founders and owners of PFR Design. Based in Montreal PFR Design has been providing upscale goods and Interior Design services since 1999. Specializing in residential design, Paulina’s trademark style incorporates the elegance of old-world Europe with the streamlined glamour and careful editing of modern day design. At PFR Design you can find European Inspired exclusive collections and luxury lines from around the world. Our distinguished collections go beyond home accessories and furniture lines and range from luxury children's clothing to educational toys, to tabletop and antique silver. Our lines, above all, represent our vision of elegance, sophistication and originality. Daniela believes strongly in allowing a child's creativity, learning and social development to flourish with age appropriate materials and toys. She focuses on bringing in children's lines that speak to the novel and the unique, while remaining mindful, always, to respect traditional and environmentally conscious methods of production: Products that are inspired and are meant to inspire.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

This just in...

Some of our Spring/Summer greatest hits!

Our Toronto event was a huge success. It was wonderful to see new and old faces alike. Our big hits were our lovely princess like "pettiskirts" for girls in a range of bright and beautiful colours and neutral tones.

Our hassle free collection of home decor paper place mats perfect for casual entertaining were all incredibly well received. (see here a selection of prints and monograms to choose from)

our paper placemats are a fun way to add instant style to your dinner table!
11 x 17 matte paper placemats, set of twenty-five
to order- select your favorite style swatch and monogram type and color
dabney lee says...
i love to use these for lunch with the girls! they really add cheer to any table!
these are perfect for dinner parties + holidays!
kindly allow up to 10 business days for your custom order to ship

style swatches (scroll over to see larger view)

Of course we can't forget about the gorgeous travel bags for beach, summer, long weekends and business trips alike. (pictures to follow)

Our biggest hit however, and the wow factor of the show was the gorgeous table we put together with our fresh Spring/Summer theme of green grass and bamboo.

Juliska tabletop took centre stage and stole the show with elegant and graceful ease. The green grass ceramic dishes offset with the intricate and detailed bamboo plates stopped our friends in their path!

The stunning centrepiece made up of various ceramic vases in different sizes and heights juxtaposed with the bright green from our foliage collections was simply breathtaking!

Here are a couple of pictures to show off the effect, along with details of each individual piece.

These pieces (except for large Agapanthus planters) are all currently in stock and ready to ship.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.


Beautiful Decor for House & Home...


Vintages 090215

White Washed Iron Consol Table w/Weather Pine Wood Top
  • 48X16.9X33.5
  • 090215-1
  • 090215

Vintages 090394

Small White & Silver Pedstal Vase w/A Crested Flower Medallion
  • 6.3X12.6
  • 090394-1
  • 090394-2
  • 090394

Vintages 090395

White & Silver Pedstal Pot w/A Crested Flower Medallion
  • 8.3X7.9
  • 090395-1
  • 090395

Vintages 090208

Large Grey Wash Iron Pillar Candleholder. Candle Plate Will Fit Upto 4"D Pillar Candle
  • 5.5X20
  • 090208-1
  • 090208-2
  • 090208

Vintages 090212

Small Grey Wash Iron Pillar Candleholder. Candle Plate Will Fit Upto 4"D Pillar Candle
  • 5.5X17.5
  • 090212-1
  • 090212-2
  • 090212

Vintages 090389

Small White Ceramic Pillar Candleholder, Holds A 3"D Or 4"D Pillar Candle
  • 5.9X21.1
  • 090389-1
  • 090389-2
  • 090389

Vintages 090387

Large White Ceramic Pillar Candleholder, Holds A 3"D Or 4"D Pillar Candle
  • 6.5X26.6
  • 090387-1
  • 090387-2
  • 090387

Vintages 090323

Small Shiny White Polystone Urn w/Handles On A Base. Water Tight
  • 8.1X8.1X16.5
  • 090323-2
  • 090323-1
  • 090323

Vintages 090324

Large Shiny White Polystone Urn w/Handles On A Base. Water Tight
  • 12.4X12.4X24
  • 090324-1
  • 090324-2
  • 090324

Vintages 090325

Large Shiny White Polytone Round Urn w/Handles On A Base. Water Tight
  • 11X11X10.8
  • 090325-1
  • 090325-2
  • 090325

Vintages 090319

Large Shiny White Water Tight Flutted Vase
  • 8.3X8.3X6.1
  • 090319-1
  • 090319-2
  • 090319

Vintages 090320

Small Shiny White Water Tight Flutted Vase
  • 7.1X7.1X12.2
  • 090320-1
  • 090320-2
  • 090320

Floral 090175

Large Pineapple Boxwood Decorative Ball
  • 090175-1
  • 090175-2

Paper Mache 090179

Large Boxwood Decorative Ball
  • 9IN.D.
  • 090179-1
  • 090179-2
  • 090179