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Sisters, Paulina Flores Rutenberg and Daniela Flores McEntyre are co founders and owners of PFR Design. Based in Montreal PFR Design has been providing upscale goods and Interior Design services since 1999. Specializing in residential design, Paulina’s trademark style incorporates the elegance of old-world Europe with the streamlined glamour and careful editing of modern day design. At PFR Design you can find European Inspired exclusive collections and luxury lines from around the world. Our distinguished collections go beyond home accessories and furniture lines and range from luxury children's clothing to educational toys, to tabletop and antique silver. Our lines, above all, represent our vision of elegance, sophistication and originality. Daniela believes strongly in allowing a child's creativity, learning and social development to flourish with age appropriate materials and toys. She focuses on bringing in children's lines that speak to the novel and the unique, while remaining mindful, always, to respect traditional and environmentally conscious methods of production: Products that are inspired and are meant to inspire.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-Order your bag Today!


Our orders have begun! 
We love the idea of going green at PFR Design.  But we love even more is when we can go green in style!  That's why we love our new Spring/Summer collection of practical and stylish "green" bags! It's time to ditch the plastic bags! Carrying your own bag to the grocery store or farmers’ market is not only the best thing for the environment but now you can do it fashionably! 

The reusable Bella Bags have cool graphic designs and bold, fresh colors that pop! Besides being beautiful, these bags are just made smart. They’re super-light (“Empty when light” is a top criteria of mine for any bag or storage piece) and fold up easily when not in use.  The bags are made of waterproof, polywoven fabric so they’re super easy to wipe clean.
They’re roomy, so they hold tons. The Grab Bag is phenomenal to carry towels, magazines and anything else you need, and check out the new Fluff Bag in Spring Collection...Brilliant for pool side or beach side. Worried about keeping it clean? No problem, one wipe and you’re back to clean and chic.

The styles are bright and catchy perfect for any setting this summer.  Lakeside, beachside, boating or walking the rock walks!  We have the prefect bag for all of your needs.  

Order through us at paulina@pfrdesign.com or daniela@pfrdesign.com


Have a great day.


Choose from these wonderful self adhesive monogram stickers to personalize your bag! 


Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day Brunch Celebration!

We are looking forward to our Valentine Brunch celebration this upcoming Sunday!  I have put together a series of helpful hints, menus, and time savers in order to make this a fabulous event.  No need to go overboard on decor and over feeding your guests.  A simple menu, great food and a fun guest list will be enough to make this a fabulous event.  With make ahead suggestions to make your day just as fun loving and inspired as your guests!  We have selected menu ideas form Sunday Suppers, Cannelle et Vanille and our own repertoire of menus and gift ideas.  we hope you all have a fabulous celebration!

xoxo paulina & daniela

French Toast With Mascarpone and Marmalade!

This simple recipe is loads of fun to make with guests.  Gather everyone in the kitchen with Mimosas in hand and cook away!  If you prefer to have everything ready before hand simply make your french toast and leave in a warming oven at 200 degrees until ready to serve.
Sunday Suppers

I like to serve this meal with a beautiful large bowl of fresh berries!  If stuffing your brioche with the mascarpone and marmalade seems somewhat daunting, simply place it in a pretty little dish with a serving spoon and allow your guest to use apply as desired!
Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers
Sunday Suppers
Jam Butters & Buttermilk Biscuits

These delicious and simple butters are so easy to prepare and truly make a visual impact on your table!  Everyone will leave raving about the simple details that set your parties apart.  I happen to keep homemade biscuits from my favourite biscuit shop in Montreal, called Gryphon bakery, in my freezer at all times.  So For Sunday, I will simply take those out the morning of and cook from frozen.  Voila! Biscuits are easily sourced from bakeries and can be purchased either frozen or ready to eat!  If you do choose to go ahead and make your own biscuits here is a delicious menu.
Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Vol Au Vents with Scrambles Eggs with wild Mushrooms & Asparagus

Do not be fooled by the beauty of this stunning little vol au vents bundles!  This recipe is super easy...do not shy away! I promise this is simple, fast and beautiful.  Guests will love their deep woodsy flavour and savoury option! 

Cannelle & Vanille

Cannelle & Vanille

Wild Mushroom, thyme and Bacon Scrambled Eggs in Vol Au Vent Pastry!

3 frozen vol au vent pastry shells cooked as per instructions.
3 strips of organic bacon cooked and crumbled.
6 organic eggs
2 sprigs of thyme stems removed
6 oyster mushrooms( or any mushrooms you may have)
3 green onion finely chopped
salt and pepper

Cook vol au vent in oven as per instructions.
In a pan cook bacon. Set aside.
In the same pan add green onion and thyme.
Add mushrooms and cook about 2 minutes.
Add eggs.
Spoon egg mixture evenly into vol au vent pastry.
Garnish with bacon and fresh thyme.

Homemade Granola

The idea of making my own granola seemed somewhat silly to me as there are so many delicious options out there to choose from.  However, the results you can achieve by creating your own variety and adding your own personal special touches can truly add a new level of intimacy and comfort to your brunches! Of course there is also the idea of cutting out the unnecessary ingredients, like sugar and salt that are often too much!  
Here is a simple recipe you can prepare the night  before and bake the morning of! Have fun with this recipe and feel free to add cranberries, chunks of dark chocolate and almonds and more!
Sunday Suppers

 O.k so now for one of my favourite parts of throwing a dinner party, lunch or breakfast.  the take home guest for your guests!  Don't overwhem your guests with large gifts that might make them feel uncomfortable.  Instead double up your batches of a special recipe you feel proud of and hand them to your guests at the end of the day. I often do this with soups and send my guests home with a homemade mason jar filled with the soup we served for dinner. I tie a simple little ribbon around it and write thank you on a card and voila! That's all you really need.

These little bundles of sweet granola accompanied by little miniature jars of honey and yoghurt are a perfect example of a simple and thoughtful take home gift!

Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Here is another great idea for a take home gift!  We love these little pie boxes for guests to take home after supper.  To purchase these little boxes please click this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/petitmoulin

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Sunday Suppers
Sunday Suppers

A delicate way of presenting butter on valentine's Day.
source Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers

Stay Tuned for Some more valentine Posts on how to set the table, music suggestions and more.
Style me Pretty

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy Friday!

As Valentine approaches we look to brighten up your world with bright bold injections of colour.  Soft hues of pink, hot pink, bold reds and stunning fuschias are where we are headed the next couple of days.  

Ideas for bedrooms, living areas, offices, bathrooms and more.  Let this fabulous colour inspire you to make some soft changes in your home!

Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend. 


Recipe of the Week!  We thought we should start getting you in the mood for creating a spectacular Valentine dinner.  This year we have decided to focus our menu on a brunch where friends, family and children are the central focus. Create a fabulous not so fussy table setting.  Set out white plates, and add hints of soft and bright pinks to add life to your Sunday brunch.  We have included a fabulous play list and some great cd recommendations for the event!  

I frequently cook from the recipes provided from one of my favourite food blogs called Sunday Suppers.  I came across this decadent chocolate lovers cake that had me at Lavender! Two of my favourite ingredients together in one beautiful easy to make pie. I couldn't resist sharing it with all of you.  Please be sure to visit the blog for more inspiring recipes.


daniela & paulina

p.s. the greatest part about this lovely pie are the adorable french pie boxes used as take home gifts for guests!  As a girl who loves the idea of a take home gift, I fell in love with how simple and elegant this can be.

all images and recipes courtesy of Sunday Suppers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The colour Grey! A lesson.

An Ode to Grey
Grey is a cool colour, a warm colour, an inspiring colour.
There when we need texture, depth and character
It has vitality, energy and strength.
With grey there is expression, beauty, emotion
Found in concrete, urbanity and structure.
Grey challenges, works and strives
To create, harness and enhance.
A colour that shines and helps others to shine
Grey is unfailingly versatile, forever contemporary, always classic.
Source: Walnut Grey Design

I came upon this wonderful blog post about grey and decided I should share some of her tips here with you. Please visit this wonderful blog for more information and styling tips on how to use grey.

Let's look at some of the colour combinations grey can invite into your space and how if used correctly and with some softer tones it can truly add life to your decor.

See here a table that shows different shades of grey. If you scroll further down you will see how the different shades combine with some stronger colours adding depth and beauty into your home.

All images courtesy of 10rooms.blogspot.com
To understand grey is understand that it is a mixture of black and white, meaning that black, white and grey are the only true neutrals.

By adding different pigments to the combination of black and white then actual colours begin to form. Adding stronger pigmentation will slightly alter the shade of that new colour.

This beautiful colour wheel allows you to visually see how grey can be combined and in what shades to combine them in. My personal favourites are combing grey with yellow or pink. I often use these two colours in my table decor. I find it adds adds sophistication and casual elegance. (More on that later)

The following images were chosen to show how to work these combinations into your actual living spaces. bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers, offices, children's rooms the possibilities and options are endless. We hope you have enjoyed this very special series on one of our favourite colours. there is still more to come so please stick around for more!

xoxo daniela & paulina