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Sisters, Paulina Flores Rutenberg and Daniela Flores McEntyre are co founders and owners of PFR Design. Based in Montreal PFR Design has been providing upscale goods and Interior Design services since 1999. Specializing in residential design, Paulina’s trademark style incorporates the elegance of old-world Europe with the streamlined glamour and careful editing of modern day design. At PFR Design you can find European Inspired exclusive collections and luxury lines from around the world. Our distinguished collections go beyond home accessories and furniture lines and range from luxury children's clothing to educational toys, to tabletop and antique silver. Our lines, above all, represent our vision of elegance, sophistication and originality. Daniela believes strongly in allowing a child's creativity, learning and social development to flourish with age appropriate materials and toys. She focuses on bringing in children's lines that speak to the novel and the unique, while remaining mindful, always, to respect traditional and environmentally conscious methods of production: Products that are inspired and are meant to inspire.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer is Coming....

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Looking forward to seeing you there.


Summer is Coming.

We are thrilled to present our new collection of couture for boys and girls...
arriving this May to PFR Design.

As seen in GOOP!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Committed to change and philanthropy...


When my sister and I first came together to start this company we thought long and hard about what our main priorities were. We knew what we wanted in terms of style, look, decor and lifestyle quality.

We happen to have very similar tastes in the way we raise our children, in the importance we place on family and of course in they way we style our homes!

As we carefully select every collection and hand pick every new product that comes through our doors, we are proud to offer our clientele such a fine sampling from what we believe to be the best.
Everything we chose for our customers represents European living and elegant and practical gift giving.

We chose to work with designers that have the same basic ethic about our environment, the fragility of our world and the people living in it.

Ensuring that our products reflect the highest safety regulations, do not use child labor, are environmentally responsible and are involved in different philanthropic projects is our main goal!

We are very proud to share with you one of our favourite designers newest project to help those in need.

We are honoured to dedicate this post to Sheree Lee who has come together with her team to do everything possible to lend a helping hand in Japan.

Please see below for details.

"in response to the devastation in japan, and to the displaced families and children, TANE Organics is partnering with Kids in Distressed Situations (K.I.D.S) in providing new clothing and essentials as a way to offer a glimmer of hope. I addition a portion of the proceeds from April's on line sales will be donated to those affected by the Earthquake in Japan.

To learn more about K.I.D.S and how you can help, please click here:


A little world on the "I am the World Campaign"

2010 marks the inception of TANE organics’ vision of the I AM THE WORLD campaign. Each season, a specially designed product will be dedicated to this campaign, where 100% of sales from the item will be allocated to the REMOTE CLASSROOMS INTERNATIONAL - RCI foundation, in conjunction to funding local organizations focused on children's education.

TANE organics has designed an 8" crocheted globe rattle using 100% organic cotton. Each numbered and limited edition globe is hand made by artisans in the hills of Arequipa, Peru. Crafted with a rattle inside, this eight-inch globe celebrates the joy of childhood, the playfulness of a simple design, and the closeness of the world in our hands. Enjoy, celebrate, and share our vision of making education possible for all children with a passion for learning.

The REMOTE CLASSROOMS INTERNATIONAL foundation is initiated with the hope of bringing education to children living in rural areas, where the basic fundamental of learning is impossible or too challenging, due to location and/or poverty.

TANE organics, in setting up the RCI foundation, believes that every child deserves an education, no matter how remote, how hidden, how isolated the child’s immediate surrounding is. RCI, in collaboration with local organizations, will bring education and learning to all the children who share in the passion of learning. No child will be turned away, if there is a desire, a will to learn, regardless of location, regardless of circumstances. RCI will connect with local organizations that best know and is familiar with the infrastructure and landscape of the locations. Each local organization will go through thorough interviews and present records for the organization to qualify in receiving funding for their work. Organizations with emphasis in providing children’s education will be focused and approached diligently. The vision is to collaborate slowly but deeply, ultimately, nurturing the growth of education within a small community.

Your purchase will impact the future of a child, of a community, of the world. Please join TANE in sharing this vision by providing alternatives in changing our collective future.

Here are some of her collections.

Made with the softest organic cottons these accessories for baby and toddler are delicate, practical and beautifully made.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Thank you


It’s spring at Anne-Claire Petit, as you can see. All the birdies are coming out to play, while a raven looks on approvingly from the clothesline.

Beetles and ladybirds crawl out of their holes and the lobster makes it's way out to say hello and play.

Decorative items
Anne-Claire Petit is increasingly frequently being asked to design for galleries and museums. Last summer, Anne-Claire designed a unique collection in the form of enormous vegetables for an exhibition in the famous Bensimon Gallery in Paris. A man-sized aubergine, a carrot of one and a half meters long, a radish of 6O cm… The designs received so many positive reactions that Anne-Claire decided to design a distinctive, high-end line of large, coarsely crocheted decorative interior objects. The collection consists of eight types of fruit and vegetable: radish, carrot, garlic, apple, pear, lemon, leek and tomato. The large, fully grown interior objects in expressive colours are produced in a limited edition.

Once again Anne claire petit enchants us with her endearing collections for children. Bright happy colours and spring themes make us very happy and excited to bring you the Spring line.

Speed devils will be fascinated by the furiously fast, yellow taxi; having just driven away from New York, with a real bell inside, of course.

The red and white polka dot tea set is one of our favourites!

Spring/Summer 2011

For baby
Alongside the familiar crocheted baby cardigans, Anne-Claire Petit has also designed baby clothes in smooth cotton this season for the first time. Sweet little dresses and blouses with nostalgic embroidery and classic cut. The cardigans are available in sizes 68 and 8O in pink, natural and denim blue.
Still a bit chilly outside? Then the crocheted poncho is ideal. Available in multi-coloured stripes and pink with cream edging.

As may have been expected of Anne-Claire Petit, this season, too, there are many funny new designs once again for children’s rooms. For playing along with, sitting up, making music or creating a lovely spot … Such as the new little poof in the shape of a mushroom. In red and white spots, of course, they’ll want to climb on to it instantly.

With their wooden interiors, the new crocheted stools also provide a lovely seating area – functional and appealing


The designer
Anne-Claire Petit (1962) studied industrial design in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and began her career as a designer for Esprit. After four very successful years working for the American label, it was time to elevate her inspiration and creativityto a higher plane. The designer began her own label under the name anne-claire petit accessories. This label, which received recognition during the first ten years with a beautiful shawl collection, expanded to include an extensive children’s and interior’s accessories collection – with all of the products done in colourful handiwork. The anne-claire collections are currently sold in hundreds of shops and department stores in 31 different countries in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The label

A huge animal family, a collection of children’s and baby clothes, a line of interior accessories, accessories for the kitchen and for pets...Every anne-claire petit accessory is hand made according to traditional handiwork techniques, using recognizable colour schemes and natural materials. And that’s what makes every piece unique. But the accessories all have something in common as well. They bring about the same positive, cheerful reaction. And that’s exactly what defines the distinct signature of this label. Anyone who comes across an anne-claire petitaccessory will recognize it immediately. The authenticity, the eye for detail, the
precise handiwork and the complementary colour schemes remain unparalleled.

The production
The anne-claire petit brand has got an optimistic view of the world. In all aspects, from design to production. Cheerful, colourful and, most importantly, made with love. A great deal of the traditional crocheting is done in Asia. In the countryside, where the women are skilled in the original handiwork techniques of their ancestors, a close relationship has been built up with various communities. Thanks to their crochet work for anne-claire petit accessories, the women have got paid work for most of the year – something from which the entire village benefits. The women work from home and often do the crochet work for the new collections together with their neighbours, emanating a sense of security and working together that rings out in all of anne-claire petit’s accessories.