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Sisters, Paulina Flores Rutenberg and Daniela Flores McEntyre are co founders and owners of PFR Design. Based in Montreal PFR Design has been providing upscale goods and Interior Design services since 1999. Specializing in residential design, Paulina’s trademark style incorporates the elegance of old-world Europe with the streamlined glamour and careful editing of modern day design. At PFR Design you can find European Inspired exclusive collections and luxury lines from around the world. Our distinguished collections go beyond home accessories and furniture lines and range from luxury children's clothing to educational toys, to tabletop and antique silver. Our lines, above all, represent our vision of elegance, sophistication and originality. Daniela believes strongly in allowing a child's creativity, learning and social development to flourish with age appropriate materials and toys. She focuses on bringing in children's lines that speak to the novel and the unique, while remaining mindful, always, to respect traditional and environmentally conscious methods of production: Products that are inspired and are meant to inspire.

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We love to celebrate any Holiday here at PFR Design. Any excuse to dress up, throw a party, host a dinner party or invite friends for drinks is just fine with us.

Halloween seems to be one of those holidays that are not just for the kids...they are for the kids that still live inside each and every one of us.

We love this Holiday and wanted to share a couple of inspiration boards we thought were pretty fabulous!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Please see here for photo credits.

Thank you and hope you have a wonderful Halloween!

Reminder. A PFR Design Pre Season Holiday Shopping Event!

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that Next Wednesday November 2nd & Thursday November 3rd is the PFR Design Pre-Season Holiday Shopping Event!

We look forward to greeting you with good cheer, fine music and tasty treats.

Weather you are deciding on a friend, brother, sister, grandson, niece child, a colleague, a boss or your manicurist, allow Paulina and I to help you find the perfect gift for all the special people in your life.

We will do everything we can to help you enjoy the Holiday Season as gracefully as possible. Friends and family are welcome!

Daniela & Paulina

647- 669-8972 :For questions pre-orders or just to chat

Providing luxury goods and services to discerning and sophisticated clientele in the Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa regions and their surrounding areas. Blending the best of classic European interiors with the streamlined tailoring of North America’s modern approach, PFR Design - Inspired Living offers distinguished home decor collections and interiors that are both beautiful and personal – glamorous and comfortably livable.

Our Carefully selected Children's Collections of Toys, educational Games, Arts & Crafts, Accessories & Decor are all hand selected to reflect clever and imaginative ways for your children to stay entertained and stimulated. We focus on bringing in lines that are designed and created to reflect style, craftsmanship and above all else, they all adhere to the strictest safety and health tests. Hand made, family run business' with an emphasis on ethical and environmental responsibility.

Friday, October 28, 2011

A few of our favourite things...

Leading up to another fabulous Holiday Shopping event, Toronto opens it doors once again to welcome friends and family to a VIP Pre Season Holiday Event.

Hosted by Daniela & Paulina we promise to make your Holiday Shopping as civilized and as joyous as possible.

Join us for mimosas, pastries, wine, cheese and Champagne as we celebrate together...and do a little shopping too!

Please see details below along with some of our favourite things for this Holiday season.

Please come back for more treats and updates soon.


Daniela & Paulina

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

PFR design Thanksgiving Board

Thanksgiving is most certainly one of our families favourite holiday. A new tradition started in Montreal 40 years ago when my parents first moved to Canada.

(image via Tiny Prints)

We embraced the holiday as we were able to celebrate the fruits of our harvest, the family gathered around a beautifully set table, simple yet full of meaning and love.

Thanksgiving to us means long walks through the fire of what is Canada in the fall!

(image via megaraxo)

Crunching leaves below our feet, silence, beauty and the chatter of family reunited again.

(image PFR Design)

(image via visualizeus)

We wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be it camping in the lush Laurentians, at home with family or travelling around the world.

This is a day for giving Thanks.

(image via Tiny Prints)

Thank you...

Here are a couple of inspirational boards we love and thought you might enjoy as well.

(image via Tiny Prints)

(image via Tiny Prints)